The number one question always asked is how much do you charge. This is normal because most people have never hired a DJ before and are unsure where to begin. DJ Kevin Russell is the most important factor in the success of your event.

Factors that may affect pricing:

1. Number of Hours for Event

2. Travel Distance to Event

3. Special Events (Holiday Events, Weddings, Proms)

4. Lighting (minimum selection available)

5. Special Services Typically Not Offered

6. The Bose Sound System

Wedding DJ Pricing:

Taking in consideration that in 1989 the national average Wedding DJ charged $525.00. The national average for a professional wedding DJ today is $850 to $1500.00 depending on number hours, equipment needed, event location, and date. More is needed than just equipment and music to being a professional DJ.

We have packages to fit your needs and budget!

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Why are some DJs so much cheaper then others?

1. The DJ doesn't have confidence that the service he/she will provide has value.

2. They may be part time or it's a side job which has less to loose for poor service.

3. They have multiple DJs and you are just another booking or revenue to their company

Are you Available?

This is the first question to ask Kevin. When calling indicating the date, time, location and approximately number of guests of your event.

When you talk to Kevin, have a list of questions ready and explain what you are expecting.

* When you book Kevin, You get Kevin!

Whether it's a small school function or a large wedding reception, we have just the right entertainment package for you!  We highly
encourage requests! We will play what you
want to hear.

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